Our approach to creating brand identities falls beyond visuals and logos. We focus on creating mini universes with their characters, variables, rules, and feelings.

We express this through mediums such as print media, packaging experiences, web experiences, and spatial experiences that tie the brand's identity together.

Our projects span in between Engineering, Technology, design-based services (BtoB, BtoG companies), cosmetic, apparel, hospitality, cannabis, and smoking paraphernalia brands (BtoC, DtoC)

Keywords: Packaging design, Web Design, Print media design, Brand Identity Design, Rebranding, Visual Communication

Nudron Packaging 10.22
Sesh 93 10.22 comingsoon
HM Impex 07.21 comingsoon

Argo 04.21 comingsoon
Studio Tessera 03.20

Nudron IOT 04.19

Magnes Motors 03.19
UrbanMonkey  Rebranding 12.18
Gully Boy 06.18

Pet Pod 05.18

Viking Pizza 01.18

Star Coatings 12.17

Tangerine 09.17

Gig Cult 01.17

In Out 01.17

Osheish 09.15

Urban Monkey