Magnes Motors

Client: Magnes Motors India PVT. LTD.
Scope: Print design, Stall Design, Visual Idnetity 
Status: Complete
Collaborators: Advaita Kelkar (Stall Design)

Magnes Motors is an electric vehicles, motor sports and energy utility start up based in Pune, formed by VJTI graduates.For an automobile expo in 2019, Magnes was launching its new electric go-kart and required some revamping of their existing print media.
A systematic re-organisation of the brands visual identity was required for all the fetaures to be identical.
Apart from revamping the typefaces, a monochrome base with multiple graphical assets was added into the brand’s visual identity palette. Stimulated by the ranging holding patterns on a race track, we exploited the alternating black and white stripes, potraying movment+dynamism and adding uniformity to all the print media.