lazy grafik

Type: Illustration + Literature
Location: -
Status: WIP
Collaborators: -

I always found myself indulge into public art installations ever since architecture school. This was primarily because of my obsession with creating art that could be physically touched and interacted with. Unlike art pieces found in galleries.
My art-work was always a by product of either form or fabrication experiments. It never told a story of how I was feeling.

Lazy grafik is a way of expressing my gratitude towards the people that make me smile, with my heart.
They make me feel.

This exercise will explore various graphic styles, and understand diverse muscle memories. 
It is named Lazy grafik, because the process to make every piece  battled the lazy state of mind established during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Lazy Graik // 001

What to do when you have nothing to do?
Do something!

The floating vipassana kitties are chillin with their halo on.
Being in the present.
Not worrying about everything that’s going on.
Just accepting it as it comes.
While the baby plants bloom in the summer time.
And two huge blots of LSD suspended on the ceiling, with a time machine in place of a clock.

Inspired from the works of shix chix/experimental illustrations.
The illustration style is a tribute to the bautiful work of, featuring some of my favourite elements.
They make me smile.

Lazy Graik // 002

How can space make you feel?
A thought experiment inspired from the conversations of Juhani Pallasmaa and Peter Zumthor. This is my first attempt to dig into my memories and recognise spaces that make me feel.

The place featured here is Studio 823, one of the most welcoming, comfortable and warm spaces attached in my memory. Full of books, models, plants, cats, dogs, coffee and everything you could wish for in a work place.

I express my gratitude towards Sam, Sid, Faizan and Priyanka Pablo, who are responsible for most of my growth, learning and moulding here.

This place is home.

Priyanka Pablo’s hand drawn analog illustrations inspired this graphiqe.
There are many mistakes in it, but all glitches are part of the memories made here.

Lazy Graik // 003

What is imagination to you?
The space in your brains

I grew up listening to Scott Mescudi’s Melodic Humms and Psychadelic synths. The musique made me feel dreamy and dazed.
The potential of how much your brains can imagine can be accelarated by substance. Mr.Rager.

Once you have that realisation of your inner power, you can distort reality and your thoughts into whatever you want.
The trick to trip within reality, is through art. Through emotions. Through feelings. Through Expression.

Vini’s been guiding me through this.
Lazy Graik // 004
I remeber touch.
I need something more.
In my mind.

Lazy Graik // 005
Whenever I get agitated towards someone, I sometimes try to use them as a reflection of myslef. It helps me empathise with them and not harm myself or my surroundings with any negativity.
This nutures my sense of love and understanding for the people around me. It creates this collective conciousness. I hope I can really practise it when needed.


This is what I noticed in bhais illustrations.
Bhai draws really well and he keeps drawing himself. He sees himself in everything.
His lines are somewhere between reality and dreams.

We will always look up to bhai
Because we love ad respect him,
There is so much to learn from bhai
One day we will be bhai

This is for all the bigs that ignore the little ones
They’re always watching you.

The illustration is a self potrait from the time I had to work off my bed during the lockdown.
The style is a tribute to The Midnight Gospel.
Lazy Graik // 006
Often I find myself vibing hard alone. Sometimes while listening to music in the shower, or doodling during a meeting. Its beautiful to feel how the body moves by itself, when there are no thoughts, no fears, no inhibitions, absolutely nothing. The body does what it wants to, things just flow out of it.
I’ve observed that tapping into the state of flow can be easily done through repetition. This can be iterations of an action, a form, a movement, an observation, a ritual, absolutely anything.
This repetition is meditative, it allows me to be here and now, in the present. And at the same time more accepting of what I am at that point in time. 

Yoms draws really gracefully. Her movements have been memorised through her repetitive practice and have evolved into different forms over time. They are really smooth and satisfying to witness. Its almost like the pen dances on paper. Yoms got heavy vibes.