Client: Medha Manjrekar
Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging
Status: Complete
Collaborators: Rahul Burman

Tangerine is an Ayurvedic cosmetic brand curated by Medha Manjeraker. The conceptualisation of the brand is that of a traditional Indian brand with the products being home grown, organic and natural. The scope of work for this particular brand was to create an identity for the initial line of products which was face wash and creams – with six different variants. The design exploration and study included focus and value of type, colour, films and patterns which were expressed through the packaging of the product in tubes. The main aim while selecting the type for this brand was to choose something that displayed the luxurious aspect of this brand. There was also a conscious effort to include Indian traditional motifs in the patterning to showcase the home grown aspect of the brand. Majorly taking inspiration from Mughal patterns, we figured that they would be the best back drop for the packaging to overlay onto in a subtle not over imposing way.