Client: Urban Monkey India, Yash Gangwal
Scope: Merchaindising, Type Design
Status: Rejected
Collaborators:  Excel Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. , Advaita Kelkar, Jeet Soneji

We were pitching for the merchandising for the movie, Gully boy. The merchandise focussed a lot on written material for which fonts were an integral part, this paved the path of our process.
Our approach to designing for Gully Boy was a careful study of how hip – hop has been expressed through typeface over time. Different plays of type have the influence to be able to carefully detail and express hip hop and its various facades. We tried to convey this in the most simple sense possible. The end result was a bold geometric typeface with very minimal negative space manifesting small streetscapes (gullies) within the form.
Our process involved the creation of a hindi typeface, that matches the anatomy its latin counterpart. Which were later graphically expressed in multitudes of combinations to match the range of merchandising formats.
Although rejected, this study was extended into something more beautiful.