Models 52

Type: Architecture Research and Documentation
Location: Studio Eight Twenty Three, Mumbai
Status: Ongoing
Collaborators: Samir Raut, Riddhesh Ghadi and Priyanka Poulose

This was an opportunity to study and document 52 different tiny houses built by various architects across the world; curated by Architect Samir Raut.
This was achieved by exploring various books, photographs, sketches of these houses; studying the materials, construction techniques, proportions of volumes and details. It was then documented in the form of drawings and balsa wood models all in the scale of 1:75.
This work celebrates craftmanship, miniatures, details as fundemental to experiencing joy in practising architecture.
These models were featured in an exhibition presented by Samir Raut, called making a house held at the SEA Pavillion in April-May 2017; which later got featured in the September’17 issue of the domus magazine.