Type: DIY
Location: Mumbai
Status: Complete
Collaborators: Jimmy Hiloo, Jehaan Dhalla, Nayan Mote, Abhishek Shake n bake, Russle Lopez

Back in the day, when skateboarding wasn’t popular in Mumbai, the skaters of Mumbai used to meet up at an abandoned school on Nepeansea Road. This abandoned school was a five floored building broken apart by the homeless for scraps. For us skaters, it was an open play ground to skate at. Since Mumbai skaters were only used to skating on flat ground, they were always looking to experiment with transitions. We would travel to Bangalore every year in order to skate in the park there and it was blissful. After learning the right proportions of cement water and sand that makes concrete, in my first year at architecture school 2012; we made a plan to build a quarter pipe (skateboarding ramp) at the school. We got into a lot of trouble with the police and the homeless men who had taken over the place, but we did it anyway. After the success of the first concrete quarter pipe in Mumbai, we built another one in 2013, which was even bigger. Today a number of ramps have been built  at various places as the community has grown. I am grateful and excited to always be helping out the skate community with all their builds ever since.