Our process towards product design expresses values, beliefs, and learnings through objects in space or accessorized on the human body.
They are functional and ornamental; while simultaneously celebrating materials, experiences, identities & processes of digital and physical fabrication.

With an obsession for modular systems, every project is approached in sections that come together to create a collective of multiple variables

Often these objects are also expressed as exaggerated realities of hyper-functional products, that serve unexpected functions.

Keywords: Furniture, Art collectibles, Apparel Collections, Merchandising, print media, Modular, Hyper Functional

Centerpiece 01.23 WIP
ACRNM HeelClip 12.22 WIP
Skateboards 2K23 07.22
Playboy India 06.22
Untitled 05.22
Blob 04.22
Beyond Raftaar  05.21
Day and Night Bar 01.22
Mixtape .21
Bombers 08.21
L00P 09 .21
Trippin and Drippin
Nudron Shelf  04.20
Gully Gang 04.20
Skate 06.20
Lazy 03.20