Mark is an anti-disciplinary design practice that fosters inquiry & interests
by cross-pollinating processes across Spatial, Product, and Identity Design.

The practice is an alternative architecture studio, that focuses on collaboration with multidisciplinary industry experts on an array of diverse projects. We believe in working together with people while designing for the world holistically.

Easy access to information and rapidly growing technology have equipped us to branch our creative services out in a multitude of directions.
Ranging from:  Interior Design, Architecture Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Web design, Type design, Exhibition design, and art installations.
Our diverse experience acts as a catalyst for our creativity and innovations.

We give more importance to the process of creation, rather than the end goal. This allows us to uniquely strategize every project with a systematically tailored journey.
We have been blessed with some wonderful clients who have converted to long-term relationships.
The studio aspires to make the future brighter and the world a better place through design.

ARC.HV® [2020] is our archive of experimental social projects; with the aim of bringing the creative community together through cross-disciplinary collaborative projects.

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