Urban Monkey

Type: Commercial+Retail
Client: Urban Monkey
Size:  850 sq.ft.
Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Team: Nayan Mote
Involvement: Design Development + Execution 

First of the many, mono-material experiments.
The space is divided into a retail store, with an open office and a creative studio, stacked in the same hierarchy. All the spaces are visually connected, bringing the natural light through all three opening s facing the talao. The glass louvers on the partitions also help in cross ventilating the work space. For low costing fast fabrication, all the elements in the office were made of birch ply, ranging from variating workstations, display units, window seatings, and community tables. The fabrication explores different details and joineries that could be made with the ply. The inhabitants of the space have propped up the space with their belongings and the products produced in the environment.