Carter Road Skate Park

Type: Public Park
Client: Bombay SB
Size:  -
Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Status: Completed
Team:  Kamakshi, Anton from Architecture Brio, Altamash and Bombay SB team
Involvement: Conceptual Design Development for pitch and Metal Fabrication 

Having waited for almost a decade to get a skate park in Bombay, we were extremely blessed to have lent a helping hand in the construction of this beautiful piece of heaven.

Carter Road Skate Park, is Mumbai’s very first skatepark.

The brain child of Architecture Brio as a part of Bandra collective’s revamp of the carter road promenade, a quarter pipe with an amphitheater was proposed. This idea was expanded into a full fledged skatepark, with the constant support of Anton and Kamakshi (employees of Architecture Brio then). Very proud for the Bombay SB team to actually bring this public project to life, with all the hurdles they have had over the years.

We were privileged to assist Bombay SB in the conceptualisation and pitch for the expansion of the skatepark, with Altamash and Anton. Along with designing some metal fabrication with Zia Bhai.
Photo courtesy Bombay SB

The skatepark was later painted by Sanskar Sawant (Homeworkbook) in October 2020.